How Norway’s best smoked salmon is made

Take a look at the video in the newspaper Aftenbladet

Gold and silver in NM

Mikals Laks won both gold and silver in each of its classes during the Norwegian Championship in smoked and cured salmon. Read the article on

Fish makes you happy!

Eat fish more than once a week. A new, Finnish study point to reduced signs of depression by eating more fish. People who eat fish less than once a week can experience a 31 percent higher risk of depression than Les mer

Bringing the gold to Skiftun

Mikals Laks in Skiftun is the Norwegian Champion yet again. Read the entire article in Strandbuen here (image from

The search for the taste of Norway

The winner of Rogaland county’s Det Norske Måltid – The search of the taste of Norway: Mikals Laks is named the County’s 2010 winner in the class commodity ocean with its product hot-smoked salmon.

Coop Matpris 2008 goes to Mikals Laks

Mikals Laks AS and Tørrfisk from Lofoten was at the representation meeting in Coop NKL awarded the Coop Matpris (food award) for a total of kr. 100 000 kroner, as well as a litograph of Nico Widerberg.

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